2020 Camille Delean, Cold House Burning packaging
2020 Camille Delean, "Go Easy" video
2020 Pay Here audio, video
2019 Stars, LaGuardia packaging
2019 Jean-Michel Blais, Matthias & Maxime packaging
2019 Laurent Bourque, Blue hour packaging
2019 Scattered Clouds, "Days on End" video
2019 Jonathan Chomko, audio, design, video
2019 Fresh Meat poster
2019 Jasmine Trails photography
2019 Jasmine Trails, "Alive and Well" video
2019 Scattered Clouds, Take Away Your Summer packaging
2019 Province of Ontario, She is Indigenous video
2018 Yes Mccan, OUI packaging
2018 Isaac Vallentin, Amateur packaging
2018 Isaac Vallentin, "Loudest in the Universe" video
2018 Abuela identity, packaging
2018 Claude Munson, The Silence Came After packaging
2018 Jean-Michel Blais, dans ma main packaging
2018 Scattered Clouds, 5xx packaging
2018 Regular Expression, "The Land of Inches" video
2018 The Beam, "We Want Waste!" editorial, identity, poster, stationery
2018 Victoire identity
2017 Fresh Meat identity, photography, poster
2017 Ethel photography, poster
2017 Pony Girl, "Little Life" video
2017 Allyson Rousseau illustration, stationery
2017 Paper Beat Scissors poster
2017 Nike poster series
2017 Care Of identity, stationery
2017 Isaac Vallentin poster
2017 UCB × Disney illustration, apparel
2017 Fabrica illustration, poster
2017 Tate Britain, Recognition identity, website
2017 Her Harbour, Go Gently Into the Night packaging
2016 Fresh Meat photography, poster series
2016 Jamie Kronick, 65 mph book
2016 Pony Girl, "Candy" video
2016 Playing Cards object
2016 Daikin poster
2016 Bosveld, "Wait for Me" video
2016 Paper Beat Scissors poster
2016 A Hundred Thousand Years Later poster
2016 Sópa identity
2016 Ottawa Little Theatre poster series
2016 Minnow Bathers, Fatal editorial
2015 Pony Girl, Foreign Life packaging
2015 Herd Magazine editorial
2015 High Waters, Goodnight Mara photography
2015 Owen Davies, Mystic photography, packaging
2015 Moonface poster
2015 GRAPHIS editorial
2015 Isaac Vallentin, Hedera packaging
2015 Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart poster
2015 Isaac Vallentin, "Stewardess" video
2015 subDevision poster series
2015 Bosveld photography
2015 Owen Davies, "Mystic" video
2015 Alain Miguelez, Transforming Ottawa book
2015 CJ Munford Centre poster
2014 Thee Silver Mt. Zion poster
2014 Herd Magazine poster
2014 Her Harbour poster
2014 Bosveld poster
2013 Pony Girl, Show Me Your Fears packaging