Music: Scattered Clouds

We fear most what we cannot see. Our protagonist has been walking for days, trying to escape an unknown presence. Blue electricity surges through his body, every jolt re-organizes his very fabric. His illness blinds him, terrifies him, drains him, feeds him.

He is our narrator and an unreliable one at that. He’s been walking for days on end—for what purpose? Good, evil, revenge, escape? Should we pity or fear the tortured man who once walked among us?

Taking visual cues from the canon of classic 80’s sci-fi, most of the story unfolds overnight in a destitute underground parking lot. As the song breaks into its instrumental finish, we are transported to an affluent residential neighborhood, mid-day, jogging, clean. The story pulls on many knots without untangling any of them.

We also collaborated with Scattered Clouds on the design of their record, Take Away Your Summer.